Tablet Owners Biggest Online Spenders in the UK

Research of tablet computers shows disruptive impact on media landscape.

People who own tablet computers spend more time and money on the internet than anyone else in Britain. This is according to research commissioned by Total Media into how tablet technology has, and will, affect the population in terms of media consumption and behaviour. The quantitative study of more than 1,000 nationally representative respondents identified that 79% of tablet owners mostly use the device at home, with a further 33% saying that the tablet has affected their behaviour in the home.

Tablet owners spend more money online than any other user group. 43% of tablet owners use their device for online shopping with a further 24% spending more money via the internet now that they have a tablet. Compared to a mean spend of £78 across all internet users, tablet owners are the biggest online spenders with £97 spent on average per person online in the last three months. In comparison, smartphone owners spend an average of £89. 

 “The tablet is essentially evolving into a mobile home shop,” said Thomas Laranjo, Managing Director at Total Media. “It will continue to grow from strength to strength through the Apple iPad craze and the tablets’ sustained market growth – heavily contributing to the continued rise in consumer spending online.”

Digital content consumption increases when people access the internet via their tablets. With tablets mostly being used at home – only 14% use their tablets out of home – 46% of tablet owners go online more regularly since buying the device – spending an average of 1 hour and 45 minutes per day browsing the web.  

Prompted by programming or advertising, 39% of people use their tablet while watching TV. They use their tablets to comment on or share information they see with their social networks or search for information.

Laptops and PCs are completely overthrown by the tablet at home for entertainment, information and general web surfing. Almost half of tablet owners agree that they use their laptop/desktop less now they have a tablet and for a third the tablet has become their primary computing device.

Tablets increase news reading and increase promiscuity of news source. Whilst 43% of tablet owners read more news than they did before owning a tablet, 72% read different titles than before.

Tablets will replace reference books. They are the first port of call to find the answer to anything. 41% of tablet users see the tablet as the ‘go to’ place to find out anything from maps and directions to recipes to instructions on how to operate your newest white good purchase.

Laranjo continued: “The Tablet Pound is flexing its e-commerce spending power. Moreover, the research highlights how disruptive tablet computers have become and will continue to impact the way we consume media.  ‘Dual screening’ and disloyalty of news sources are not necessarily new concepts but the study really brings home that if companies don’t have a multi-media strategy, and integrate their communication across media channels, their marketing campaigns will suffer.”

The quantitative research study surveyed 1,000 nationally representative respondents, with tablet owners up weighted.  The 15 minute survey took place online and was conducted via Lightspeed Research in February this year.

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