A bit about us 

Total Media is a leading independent and international media agency that connects people to brands. Our media strategies are based on people’s behaviours – understanding how audiences think, feel and act – so that we reach them contextually, during the moments that matter.

We work across the full spectrum of media planning and buying, with fantastic media teams dedicated to client servicing, broadcast, publishing, digital, data and content production.

At Total Media we are committed to diversity & inclusion and providing equal opportunities for everyone. We are dedicated to ensuring our processes are free from any form of discrimination or bias, right from the application process to life as part of the Total Media Team!

Clients: An exciting opportunity to work with our clients across all internal teams. Working with external partners to develop solutions and relationships.

The role

The international strategist role is a pivotal role in our business, leading strategy across our international clients, and potentially some UK clients as well, and realising the company vision of behaviourally led solutions in media.  Sitting at the heart of this role is the requirement to develop differentiated behaviourally led insights that lead to effective and innovative media solutions for our clients. The role will also see the candidate play a key role in leading strategy for new business pitches.

The candidate will also have a key role as a consultant for our behavioural consultancy – behave. Within this role they will use our unique tools and capabilities, and knowledge of behavioural science to develop business solutions for clients beyond media strategy. This will include a broad range of areas including using biometric results to help optimise creative, broader audience and brand strategy work, and helping with product development and messaging.

Our aim is for a candidate to be able to demonstrate experience:

  • In developing unique and actionable insights for clients
  • In using behavioural science to inform their insights
  • Working with international clients
  • In UK and international media

We understand it may not be possible to find a candidate who is fully experienced across all these areas, so are also interested in a candidate who can show a balance of experience with international clients and enthusiasm for behavioural science, with a desire to grow their knowledge and capabilities in these areas.

Key responsibilities

  • Media Planning – Leading strategy and planning across our clients; communicating effectively with senior client/prospect stakeholders
  • New business – leading strategy for new business and driving the highest standards across all elements of the pitch
  • Behavioural consultant – working with behavioural researchers and the data team to develop insights and solutions for a broad range of business challenges beyond media – from audience development and brand strategy, to creative optimisation, to product development
  • Visioning – Set a forward-looking vision, lead and inspire at all levels to develop our international strategic offering combining technology, behavioural science and market understanding
  • Team Management – Leading projects across clients teams and new business to develop and realise the best solutions possible.

Skills (mandatory)

  • A proven track record of developing unique and actionable insights for clients
  • A strong knowledge of behavioural science and it’s application within  marketing
  • A knowledge of UK and international media
  • Must excel working in team-oriented roles that rely on the ability to collaborate with others. And driving projects through to successful completion
  • Experience pitching for new business or developing new business proposals

Skills (preferred)

  • An understanding of the digital media ecosystem and how it is changing
  • Experience working with clients across different markets
  • Effectiveness knowledge and experience in measurement
  • Any business modelling experience and capability
  • Experience using some media and insight tools such as TGI, Touchpoints, ethnographic research tools, social media discourse analysis tools, biometric tools, or others
  • A range of experience with different clients in different sectors

Meet the hiring manager

William Hanmer-Lloyd  - Head of Strategy and Behave Central Services

William Hanmer-Lloyd - Head of Strategy and Behave Central Services

We are delighted to announce this role as we continue to invest in our strategic capability within the behave team. This role presents a fantastic opportunity for someone to join our team and help us grow towards our vision.

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