Total Media Group Ltd has developed this COVID 19 risk assessment for use in preparing for a return to our physical offices when advised to do so by the government. This plan also covers potential risks to our people and our business and will enable Total Media to safely re-establish normal operations and ensure that our employees are supported throughout.

The risk assessment comprises of three stages; preparation for a return, ongoing compliance and phase two activities. We will use this document to inform our decisions and control measures and our plan will be reviewed and updated as and when necessary.

We will share the relevant findings of this risk assessment with all relevant individuals including; our employees, clients, third partners and visitors to our offices. Furthermore, we will provide information and training to all concerned as well as publishing the results of our risk assessment on our website.

Since the outbreak of COVID 19 and throughout the lockdown period we have consistently monitored the mental and physical wellbeing of our workforce and this will continue to be the foremost priority in our preparation for a return to our physical offices.

Attending the office

The government has advised that businesses and workplaces should make every reasonable effort to enable working from home as a first of option. We are currently operating business as usual with our entire team working remotely however there are areas of our business that thrive through collaboration as well as certain projects that require in depth team work. We also have employees throughout the business who prefer the office environment to their remote location, for example, those with poor home Wi-Fi, those without a quiet space to work and those who require ergonomic chairs, double screens and other AV and IT resources.

The government has advised that workplaces should encourage social distancing over the precautionary use of PPE; however Total Media will provide the appropriate PPE in addition to social distancing guidelines. This includes compulsory face masks for all employees.

Any employee who is showing signs of COVID 19 or who believes they have been in contact with another individual at risk of COVID 19 within the last 14 days should not attend any Total Media office and must follow the government advice on self-isolation. We also recommend that any employee who is at increased risk of severe illness from COVID 19 or has been classed as extremely vulnerable should follow the guidance on shielding and not attending any Total Media office.

These guidelines and others within this risk assessment will be discussed in detail in an employee guidance document before return to the office.

Social Distancing

During our phased return to the office, Total Media will make every reasonable effort to comply with the social distancing guidelines set out by the government including keeping people 2 metres apart wherever possible. We will use a variety of measures to ensure the guidelines are adhered to including; managingoccupancy levels, reduced desk allocation, back to back working, floor markings, one way systems, signage and screen dividers.

We will further reduce the number of people each person has contact with by using fixed teams as well as
staggering arrival and departure times to reduce crowding into and out of the workplace.
Training will be provided to ensure employees continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines
throughout break times. Measures will include; staggered break times, no kitchen facilities throughout
phase one, reconfigured seating and tables during phase two and set areas for those who smoke.

Front of house

Prior to our return we will be providing clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene to all employees.
This will be reiterated on arrival through host greeting, banner signage, digital notices, floor markings,
clearly indicated entry and exit routes, designated delivery areas, temperature check equipment and
sanitation stations.

During phase one of our return, visitors will not be admitted to any Total Media site and where possible
employees will use remote working tools to avoid internal in-person meetings.
During phase two, before visitors are admitted, site guidance on social distancing and hygiene will be
distributed and then repeated on arrival. The guidance will include maximum occupancy, restricted access
and specific time windows alongside all other areas in this risk assessment.

Only absolutely necessary participants should attend internal meetings and should maintain 2 metre
separation throughout as marked out on the phase one floor plan. All other guidance in this risk
assessment should be followed throughout any meetings including hand and equipment hygiene.


As per the government guidelines, we will increase the frequency of surface cleaning including frequent
cleaning and sanitising of work areas and equipment between uses as well as objects and surfaces that are
touched regularly. To further aid this, all shared equipment including keyboards and mouses will be
removed and each fixed team will have a set area of the office, as marked on the phase one floor plan, to
limit the amount of people using each desk.

Employees will be required to fully adhere to our Clean Desk Policy and to use the sanitation pods to clean
their desk and equipment at the beginning and end of each day. Following a deep clean before re-entering
our offices, our cleaning teams will thoroughly sanitise all used workstations every evening.

We will regularly remind employees to engage in frequent hand washing as well as using the hand sanitiser
provided throughout the office. Doors will be propped open and high-touch items and equipment, for
example printers or the stationery cupboard will be restricted or limited.

Building Management

We will work collaboratively with our landlords and other tenants to ensure consistency across common
areas, for example, receptions, staircases. This will include increasing entrances and exits to the building,
providing additional facilities such as bike racks, reducing maximum occupancy for lifts, providing hand
sanitiser and promoting increased hand hygiene, ventilation servicing and enhanced cleaning, hygiene and
social distancing guidelines for shared bathrooms and other busy areas.

The COVID 19 management team is composed of:

  •  Mike Sell
  • Becca Rawlings
  • Guy Sellers
  • Daniel D’Mello
  • Tom Laranjo
  • Vicky Cooper
  • Alix Troy
  • Ged O’Loughin
  • Penny Took
  • John Marshall
  • Colin Reynolds

Our timelines will be dictated by government advice, however this risk assessment comprises of three

  1. Preparation for a return to physical offices: Currently in progress
  2. Ongoing compliance: Commencing on return
  3. Phase two activities: To be led by government advice