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A day in the life of a… Broadcast Intern

Tuesday 13th September

Ever wondered how a Broadcast Intern spends their day? Or ever wondered what the heck it is a Broadcast Intern even does? Fear not, we’re on hand to provide you with all the information you need to know.

Our Broadcast Intern, Megan, shares how she got into media and her average day in the office – although as we all know, no two days are the same in the agency game!


How did you get into the role at TM?
After finishing my undergraduate degree, I was itching to get out of my part-time retail job and into the industry. The application process wasn’t easy, but the interviews were relaxed and gave me a chance to really express myself. Plenty of what I studied at University has been useful, such as up-to-date knowledge of the latest broadcast formats and technology, and even fast note-taking I picked up in lectures.
The role of Broadcast Intern is varied, but mostly involves supporting the rest of the Broadcast team in booking advertising space for clients, such as radio and television spots, outdoor posters and billboards. I also ensure that all of the spread sheets and documents are up-to-date so the whole team knows who is working on what campaign, and at what stage of the booking process they’re at.

Typical day as a Broadcast Intern
8am I begin my daily commute which is a short walk to the station and then a 20-minute journey on the Underground. It’s a really nice time to get stuck into my book, so much so that I don’t even notice the busy crowds around me!


9am First thing I do after I get to my desk is make a cup of tea. The kitchen is an open, communal space so it’s nice to catch up with people from other departments. I sit at my desk with the team and check any emails from early this morning, and go over my calendar for any meetings I’m having today. I’ve also signed up to newsletters from Campaign, Warc and Thinkbox – all the industry news sites – which make for nice morning reading and keeps me in the loop.

10am Today we have a rep from one of the media owners coming in to give a presentation on their latest spots and innovations. This is always really nice as you build good relationships with them and also stay on the ball with what’s new in advertising formats and research – all good stuff that’s great to pass on to the client. These meetings are refreshing as I’m always learning new things about the industry.


Around this time on a Monday, the Wellbeing team put out a spread of fresh fruit in the kitchen for everyone in the office to enjoy. I’ll cut some up in a bowl and I’ll graze on them whilst I’m working on a Post Campaign Analysis for the client, which is a roundup of how their advertising campaign went, which will normally take me through till lunch.

1pm Kensington High Street is a really lovely place to spend my lunch hour. If the weather is nice I normally go to Kensington Palace Gardens and enjoy the fresh air, but today the team are being taken to lunch by a client rep. There are loads of lovely pubs and restaurants in the area so we’re treated to a slap up meal and drinks, while we’ll talk about work for a bit then just general chat among friends. Being taken out to client lunches is a big perk of the job, and is really important for building and maintaining professional relationships.

3pm We’ll get back to the office and have a cup of coffee to take us through the rest of the afternoon. The other new starters and I have training with one of the senior members of staff, which occurs twice or even three times a week. It’s nice that even the people at the top take the time to teach the newer staff how the company and media agencies as a whole work, and even if it’s not in my department it’s still interesting to know how other parts of the company work.


4pm A couple more bookings for clients have been confirmed today, so it’s my job to make sure they go on the booking software and spread sheets correctly. If I get stuck I can ask the team for help – they know I’m new to this so they’re always patient. It doesn’t just end with the booking, during and after the campaign it’s also our job to make sure that our client is getting what they paid for, if that be a good space for their billboard or the right frequency of their television ads.

5.30pm Home time! Once I’ve checked off my to-do list for the day it’s time to go, back on the tube with the crowds until the next morning.

Article Written by

Megan Morgan

Broadcast Assistant, Total Media

This is Megan's first job in the media industry. Her favourite part of the role is learning about technical innovations in broadcast. Megan holds a BA in Media Studies from the University of Brighton

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