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A day in the life of an… Account Director

Wednesday 21st September

Ever wondered how an Account Director spends their day? Or ever wondered what the heck it is an Account Director even does? Fear not, we’re on hand to provide you with all the information you need to know.

Our Account Director, Lemeece, shares how she got into media and her average day in the office – although as we all know, no two days are the same in the agency game!



How did you get into the role at TM?
I studied Media Communications at University and have always been interested in advertising; my favourite adverts when I was in school were the now banned cigarette ads! In particular, Silk Cut! (I don’t even smoke)

Lemeece’s Day
6:55am My alarm goes off at 6:55am and literally the first thing I do when I get out of bed is make a cup of tea. I get ready whilst watching BBC Breakfast to catch up on the world’s events then try to leave my flat by 8am. I’ve always got a book for the commute, currently I’m reading The Secret Life of Bees – I recommend it!

9am I like a routine and every morning when I get to work I make porridge and berries for breakfast. I’m part of the Fun Factory team which means once every few weeks I head down to M&S next to our office to buy bacon rolls, fruit, cereals, pastries and lots of other goodies to put on a breakfast spread in our lovely, newly renovated kitchen. We use it as an opportunity to chat with people from other teams and of course fill up on delicious food to set us up for the day!


9:10am Once at my desk, I read through my emails marking any that require urgent attention. I then make a to-do list for the day which I do my best to tick off by the time 5:30 comes around.
My days really vary depending on the work I have on; I work with some great clients and am lucky enough to work on brands that I really believe in from the book publishers Pan Macmillan, healthy bars Nakd and Trek and even Potatoes (full of nutrients and naturally fat-free!).

10am Today I’m having a catch up with one of my clients to update them on the progress of planning a campaign, as well as taking a briefing for future one. The variety of book campaigns that come through mean I get to work across a lot of different media channels and explore some really interesting formats.

11am At Total, understanding consumer behaviour is at the heart of our media planning which means lots of research when working on a new brief. Whether this is using our in-house tools, taking to the streets to interview members of the public or sending out company-wide survey. Recently I sent a survey to find out when and why people snack for our latest Nakd campaign and this produced some very interesting insight which then informed our approach to media buying. For example digital media with different snacking messaging depending on the time of day it is served.

1pm At lunch I like to go for a walk; Kensington is a lovely area with great shops but also some amazing houses which I like to day-dream about owning one day!
Sometimes we will have a lunch-meeting; I am taking my client at the English National Opera to the Kensington Roof Gardens next week which is a nice way to catch up in a more informal setting than a meeting room whilst enjoying some good food and fantastic views!

2pm After lunch I start reviewing the training plan I have put together for new starters; as part of this I am liaising with the Activation teams to create specific channel cheat-sheets. I spend an hour checking the content and formatting so they can be finalised and rolled out as training documents.

3pm If I get peckish in the afternoon I’ll nibble on a Nakd bar; the account team gets a free box each every month – the new Peanut bar is my favourite.

4pm Before the end of the day, I’ll check my to-do list and hope that I’ve made some progress through it!


6pm I try to get out of the door by 6pm; I’ve recently taken up yoga so sometimes walk to a studio in Notting Hill with Sian, who is my yoga buddy. Otherwise I’ll be back on the tube, book in hand before arriving home to watch my favourite programme, The Great British Menu!

Article Written by

Lemeece Shepherd

Account Director, Total Media

Lemeece is an Account Director in the Client Services team and has over 6 years' experience working in media. Lemeece is a keen reader with a passion for publishing. She's also a huge fan of the Great British Menu.

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