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A day in the life of a… Client Services Intern

Tuesday 4th October

Ever wondered how a Client Services Intern spends their day? Or ever wondered what the heck it is a Client Services Intern even does? Fear not, we’re on hand to provide you with all the information you need to know.

Freddie in the Client Services Team shares how he got into media planning and buying and his average day in the office – although as we all know, no two days are the same in the agency game!


How did you get your current role at Total Media?
I have always been a fan of adverts and am one of the few people I know who actually looks forward to ad breaks! I was especially curious as to why some adverts would have an immediate effect on me whilst for others I would head straight for the fast forward button.

Once I completed my music degree I was at a bit of a loss at how to proceed, an issue that all too many graduates are familiar with. After a year of undertaking work placements in various sectors and speaking to career advisors I decided to try my hand at a career in media. As I researched the industry, Total Media was an agency that immediately stood out to me and I found their behavioural planning stance intriguing.

Total Media were by far the most responsive agency I dealt with – I couldn’t quite believe how quickly they got back to me! The application process was certainly challenging however the atmosphere and friendliness of the staff instantly put me at ease and I decided that this was an environment that I would love to be a part of.

Freddie’s typical Day as a Client Services Intern
6:30am Waking up at this time is definitely my least favourite part of the day. I’m still not used to it and don’t think I will be for a while. I don’t live in London at the moment so this gives me an hour to get ready.

7:30am There has yet to be a morning where I haven’t had to sprint to the train station but I haven’t missed it yet (touch wood). I tried to be productive and read a book for the first couple of weeks but now I resign myself to a power nap.

9am When the weather is nice I have the pleasure of a lovely walk through Kensington Gardens. I doubt there are many other commuters who have such a pleasant walk to work. Once I arrive at the office I immediately satiate my crippling caffeine addiction with a strong coffee and, if I’m feeling particularly healthy, I’ll help myself to some of the free fruit on offer.

9:10am The first thing I do when I get to my desk is to check my emails and see what I have planned for the day. I also use this time to check the latest media headlines – this industry is incredibly fast paced after all so typically a lot has gone on since I last checked.

10am A media owner representative is coming in to present and keep us up to date with their latest offerings and innovations. If we are lucky there might be muffins. I find these sessions fascinating and they are crucial in developing my understanding of the industry as a whole.

media-owner-presentation11am Time for some hands on training! This morning I’m shown how to use some of the more complicated software tools in the media planner arsenal. My team are thorough and accommodating, answering all of my questions no matter how silly they may be! The level of training and interest in my personal development has been absolutely fantastic – I couldn’t ask for more.

1pm Kensington High Street is a pretty great place to spend your lunch hour. Whilst the weather is nice I like to go to Kensington Gardens and read the book that I tried and failed to read on the morning commute. Last week I was invited to my first lunch with media owners which was a great opportunity to pick their brains in a relaxed, informal setting (plus there was lots of delicious free food which I could definitely get used to).

3pm This afternoon I have the opportunity to put my training from earlier into practise. I use what I’ve been taught to conduct some in depth research for one of our clients. My insights and findings will then be presented directly to the client. I’ve had the opportunity to engage in meaningful client work like this since day one which in turn has made me feel like a valued part of the team – not like a small cog in a big machine!

5:30pm Once I’ve completed my tasks for the day it’s time to go home. I might go to the gym (unlikely) or binge watch something on Netflix (extremely likely). This evening I tell myself that this will be the day that I go to bed before 11.30 but of course I don’t and regret it the next morning.

Article Written by

Freddie Stott

Client Services Intern, Total Media

Freddie is an Intern in the Client Services team, having joined Total Media in August 2016.
He holds a BA in music from Durham University and has a love of film, football and, of course, music.

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