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CES 2017 – My Top 3 Tech Innovations

Thursday 12th January

CES 2017 is a massive, techy event that happens each year, where companies big and small showcase their savvy innovations and the early adopters among us get a bit too excited for words.

This year’s show was packed full of amazing creations, that will simplify, complexify and (hopefully) happify our lives in the years to come. Of course, the advertising opportunities abound…

Dish AirTV
Dish AirTV

As our broadcast team are fully aware, the consumption of TV is changing at a rapid pace as people stream more and more. This nifty little box organises live channels alongside Netflix, Android TV apps and anything you can pick up via an OTA antenna. You can search with your voice too. No doubt broadcast advertisers will be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of having all these channels organised within one system, as the data insights gleaned could be fantastic for accurate audience targeting.


HTC Vive
HTC Vive

HTC’s virtual reality headset, the Vive, is one of the top products in the exciting VR entertainment market. At CES, the company revealed the Vive Tracker, which brings any real-world object into your virtual world. It can also be added to specially designed accessories and users – get this – the user can attach it to a camera and star in her own mixed reality videos! This fusion of reality and VR is really quite exciting and should probably be approach with both caution and glee. Of course, for digital marketers like me, the excitement is about more than just the user experience. The chance to place ads in virtual worlds and offer brands the chance to create their own branded VR environments, is an interesting thought indeed. Who knows – maybe travel brands will be out of business in 25 years. There’s a thought…

Amber Agriculture

Veganism has hit London with full force this year, and many of us are putting down our pork chops for sustainability reasons. “Just how many litres of water does it take to sustain a cow?” Anyway, the sustainability of farming is a hot topic and Amber Agriculture’s array of sensors can help farmers check the quality of their stored grain. This means that produce will go to food companies at the optimum time, ensuring farmers’ make the biggest return on crop yields – and as more of us look for the V symbol, we’re going to need that grain. The technology could also be used to address the problem of spoilage in countries that suffer from food supply issues. Not sure of the advertising potential for this one, but certainly, as sustainability becomes more discussed and practiced, FMCG brands will need to keep consumers’ ethical side in mind if they are to grow.

Article Written by

Tom Phelan

Digital Display Executive, Total Media

Tom works in the display team, working across the Moto, Folio Society and Fred Olsen accounts. He loves injecting his zany ideas, where possible, into his client work.

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