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A day in the life of a… Broadcast Buyer

Friday 24th February

Ever wondered how a Broadcast Buyer spends their day? Or ever wondered what the heck it is a Broadcast Buyer even does? Fear not, we’re on hand to provide you with all the information you need to know.

Katie in the Broadcast Team shares how she got into media planning and buying and her average day in the office – although as we all know, no two days are the same in the agency game!


I have always been interested in advertising- from a child, my mum always relied on me from the age of 4 to know what products to buy “Mum buy Daz, it makes your whites, whiter than white.” “Mum buy Calgon, because washing machines live longer with Calgon!” …and here I am…

I have been working at Total Media for 6 months now, prior to Total Media I worked at a company called Dolphin TV in their Traffic team for 5 years before joining the world of sales at ITV and then Turner Media. The transition from sales to agency side was extremely exciting and welcomed as I had been sales side for 4 years the move to Total Media was extremely interesting to see and work in the job from the other side (Some would say the dark side…)

6.15am  I leave my house at 6.15am as I live in Benfleet in Essex. I drive for an hour and then get the train for an hour (I know…fun right!?). I usually get in at around 8.30am to start my day.

8.30am When I arrive at the office there are always cheery faces to brighten up my morning. I’ll make myself a coffee and check my e-mails to see if there has been anything overnight that I need to look at first thing. The broadcast team look after TV, Radio, OOH, Cinema and VOD. Our day is really varied which is always amazing and never dull. There has been so much to learn as my background has been predominantly TV so this job has really opened my eyes up to other platforms and innovations out there.

9am If we have any TV campaigns running I will request for the spot schedules to be sent over first thing. When I receive these I can upload them onto the system to ensure we have not had any spots deleted or moved to any non-efficient programmes for our target audience. I will then track if the campaign is delivering as we had planned. If we need any spots moved to different programming or any spots added, I will e-mail a turnaround to the sales house. This will detail what spots I need moved and where and if we have had any spots deleted that we need to remain on the schedule I will let them know the spot number for them to investigate further and get this added back onto the schedule. We monitor TV campaigns every day to ensure maximum efficiency and to ensure that any changes can be made as soon as we need them. We send the spot times once a week to the client to keep them updated with how the campaign is running. We will highlight the top programmes that they are booked into that week and provide a summary of how the campaign is performing.

10am We have weekly Broadcast team meeting where we review any projects we are currently looking after and any deadlines we have coming up so we are all aware of each other’s work loads. We really do work as a team and help each other out where we can so that the work load is as balanced as possible. We have media spots of the week where we talk about any adverts that have caught our eye. We also have a chance to talk about any work we have done in the past week that we are proud of- no matter how big or small, they are all achievements.


11am We often have media owners coming in to update us on new formats/programmes they have coming up. This is a nice break away from the screen and it’s always good to be kept up to date with what’s new so that when we are recommending anything we are confident in the choices we make for our clients.

12pm When planning a campaign we have to ensure all schedules are up to date: Schedules include delivery information, any formats or channels we are running on, costs, dates and contact information including any production costs. If we are planning an international campaign we have to take into count the exchange rate and converting this into Euros. Admin is a huge part of the job, no one likes doing it but we all like being organised and knowing exactly where to go if we need to find anything.

1pm Lunchtime! I normally pop out to Boots or Leon for lunch if I haven’t been good and brought something in. Kensignton is such a nice area to work in as we have lovely parks and shops around here. Sometimes we will be taken out for lunch by a media owner which is always great as we get to know them better and it makes working with each other that much easier than just over the phone or e-mail.

2pm Back to work. I will review my e-mails and reply to any requests or chase up anything that I am waiting on. A lot of the time when we send briefs through to media owners or specialists, there will be at least 4-7 days turnaround for a full plan to come back, depending on the magnitude of what we are planning. When we get this back we put this into a nice well-presented PowerPoint to send across to the client.

3pm We often have training sessions with other teams. Today I have an Intro to Programmatic with Duane who is the Head of Programmatic at Total Media. This gives us the chance to learn about other teams and their client activities. When planning campaigns we can then see if we can integrate ideas with other platforms which can create a real uplift in campaign results. It has been proven that this has a real positive impact on campaigns in terms of brand recall and awareness.

4pm Time to book any campaigns onto our systems if we have had any booking confirmations through. This ensures that we can always keep track of what we have booked and this will then through to the finance team for billings. We need to ensure we are putting everything under the right code so we don’t get any horrible billing queries! This is never what you want, because then you have to retrace steps and change any mistakes that might have happened. We are always on top of these and rarely get any because we are such an amazing team!

5pm I always flag any e-mails I need to look into and ensure I haven’t forgotten to reply to anything important!

5.30pm Time for the gruelling commute home! I have my e-mails on my phone so I ensure I check them on the way home so that I am not met with any surprises in the morning and I can be prepared for what I need to do the next day. Unless it’s Friday, and then it’s chill or party time (mostly chill these days, I’m old before my time!).


Article Written by

Katie Joynes

Broadcast Buyer, Total Media

Katie is 28 and has worked in sales previously at itv and Turner. She really enjoys how varied her role is and is very proud to be working at Total Media. Outside of work she enjoys all things geeky and loves a good film franchise like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

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