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A day in the life of an…International Account Manager

Tuesday 12th June

Ever wondered how an Account Manager spends their day? Or ever wondered what the heck it is an Account Manager even does? Fear not, we’re on hand to provide you with all the information you need to know. Our Account Manager, Quentin, discusses how he got into media and his average day in the office – although, as we all know no two days are the same in the agency game!

How did you get into the role at TM?

Who knew my future job would be in the media world? Even after an internship in the Army, a HND in Tourism and an apprenticeship with a haulage company, I still felt that my career would take me somewhere else. It was in 2014, after graduating in Digital Communications that I first discovered the amazing sphere of Media in an agency in Paris. There, I spent three years working in the Display team as a Media Buyer before rising to the level of Junior Account Manager. As I had never studied or worked abroad before, I decided to see what was happening in the industry on the other side of the Channel, joining Total Media in November 2016. Nowadays, my role is to build 360 media recommendations for Lenovo and Motorola across the South region (France, Italy and Spain). I am the day to day contact for all clients and ensure online/offline campaigns and strategies are successful. I am responsible for working on campaigns from beginning to end, whether that be strategic thinking during media planning or making sure that post campaign analysis is of a high standard.


Living in Clapham means I spent a fair bit of time commuting, one hour in each direction on average, though this is hardly unusual in a city as huge as London. I’m used to commuting as I was in a similar situation in Paris. Being a Youtube addict, I can’t really complain as it gives me a great opportunity to watch loads of videos – and thankfully it makes the commute go much faster!

Like clockwork, every morning I start my day by checking my inbox. Here I can flag any urgent topics or issues that came in overnight and organize my day by preparing an agenda. Once everything looks good, it’s coffee time at around 9.30. In truth I’m currently trying to take a break from coffee and switch to Mate, a kind of Argentinian tea. Apparently, it has a whole range of benefits for your brain and body without the negative effects of drinking too much coffee. I also wanted to try Mate after hearing about the performance benefits touted by quite a few professional football players, but unfortunately my playing ability still leaves a lot to be desired!
I spend the rest of my morning catching up with my team, requesting data from the current campaigns and making sure pending media plans make it to my clients.

Client calls usually kick-off around 11am throughout the week. I find that starting calls a little later in the morning works best as I can anticipate the client’s requests between 9 to 11am to make sure I’m prepared for any eventuality, and afterwards I still have the whole afternoon to execute any and all required actions.

Lunchtime! This is the best moment to catch up with my colleagues, talking about sports results or upcoming holidays. I usually bring a lunch box, though it can be hard to win the battle between healthy food and big burgers or sushi! Regardless, there always tends to be treats to pinch around my desk, so for me lunchtime usually lasts at least most of the day. Feel free to pop over if you ever want a little something!

I like to schedule most of my meetings with media owners after lunch. It’s a good way to start the afternoon and it’s essential for us to keep an eye on what is happening on the market, the latest offers, or even how the campaigns are performing. As a team we try to schedule meeting with media owners at least twice a week to get a fresh view on what is going on.

The rest of the afternoon is dedicated to campaign review, reporting and optimisations. I catch up with the activation teams pretty regularly in the event that I have questions, or if not just to check with them that everything is fine and they’re happy. My last emails of the day are usually addressed to the client, containing weekly reports and my recommendations for the next week.

Time for some sport! I regularly play football with the team we have at TM. It really is the best option for letting off some steam and is a great opportunity for a change of scene after a day in front of a computer. I can’t wait for the next tournament! On days where we’re not playing I tend to opt for a jog around Clapham Common Park, it’s a really nice area and with a 3-mile perimeter, there is plenty of room to run.

Article Written by

Quentin Bobineau

International Account Manager, Total Media

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