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A day in the life of a… Media Assistant

Friday 3rd March

Ever wondered how a media assistant spends their day? Or ever wondered what the heck it is a media assistant even does? Fear not, we’re on hand to provide you with all the information you need to know.

Our media assistant, Pippa, discusses how she got into media planning and buying and her average day in the office – although as we all know, no two days are the same in the agency game!

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A bit about Pippa!
I graduated from Brighton University in 2014 with a degree in English Literature and like most graduates then went off to see a bit of the world for 6 months. When I returned home with an incredible experience under my belt but a slight uncertainty about my future, a friend recommended that I look for a job in media as it’s an exciting and fun industry to work in. I applied for an internship at Total and hey presto one year later I’m still here and enjoying the buzz of media.

7.30am – 9am – The Commute
Living outside of London means my commute is slightly longer than your average Joe, but I enjoy having this time to settle into my book and I’ve just started using a meditation app, which might sound a bit strange but is actually really relaxing! I also like to grab a cup of tea and browse the latest Campaign or Adweek headlines whilst I weave amongst the hordes of commuters.

9am – 9:30 – The Breakfast Buzz! The best thing about Monday mornings – free fruit! At Total we have a huge delivery of fruit every Monday morning which really sets us up for the day ahead. We are also treated once a month by our ‘fun factory’ social team to a huge breakfast that is delicious and nutritious – who doesn’t love a bacon sarnie followed by bundles of blueberries? It’s a really great time to catch up with everyone in the office and puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day.


9:30am – 11.30am – Catching up with clients Being on the UK client services team means that we are the first point of contact for all our clients: I start my working day by checking my emails to monitor any activity currently taking place and hotly anticipating the arrival of any new client briefs. My time is spent either at my desk organising schedules and media plans, speaking to clients via email or phone, or darting around the office catching up with different members of the activation teams and checking the progress of various campaigns. I also write a to-do list every morning so I can plan out my day and prioritise my daily tasks.

11.30am – 1pm – Media owner meetings and workload management Now I’ve had time to compile my action plans and have caught up with all the relevant people, it’s time for a media owner update. As the industry is incredibly fast paced it’s important to understand what’s going on with each media owner. We’ll often have meetings with Posterscope for an update on all things out of home, or we’ll have an update on new offerings from digital platforms such as Teads (they also usually bring snacks, which is a nice perk!). Once these meetings finish I’ll go back to my desk and catch up on some emails and prepare for the afternoon ahead. I also like to keep an eye on what’s happening in the industry so make time to scan over my daily update emails from The Drum, Campaign and Digiday, as well as catching up on any new client news on their websites.

1pm – 2pm – Lunchtime! There are loads of great places to get lunch in Kensington where we’ll go out as a team and If it’s a nice day I’ll tend to go and sit in Kensington Gardens to relax…. or I just I can’t resist having a look round the shops.


2pm – 4pm – Client Calls During the afternoon I have two client calls, first with ACCA to give the client an update on our social media activity, and the second with Love Home Swap to go over our current work in progress and discuss all activity that’ll be coming our way in the future. It’s important we have weekly calls to ensure there is complete transparency between the team and the client and to ensure we are constantly working towards the same goals. Throughout the week we’ll also have meetings with our clients to discuss campaign strategies and align our behavioural planning with their business and marketing objectives.

4pm – 5.30pm Actions After the client calls or meetings it’s important that we as a team are clear on our actions and next steps. As client services, I’ll catch up with activation teams and follow up with the client to ensure everyone is happy and we’re all aiming for the best results. After this I’ll switch my attention to new client briefs that have just come in or work on end of campaign reports that need to be sent. Recently I’ve pulled together audience analysis for a campaign proposal for one of our biggest clients.

5.30pm – Home time! I check in with the rest of the team to see if they need any help before ticking off my to-do list (or making a note to pick up anything tomorrow) and heading out the door.

Article Written by

Pippa Short

Media Assistant , Total Media

Constantly driving the broadcast team mad requesting they only play Kisstory music from their pod, this is Pippa’s first job in Media and she loves the team atmosphere that comes with working at Total.

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