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“Holidays are coming…”

Monday 14th November

Last week saw the exciting start of the festive season, with a collection of Christmas TV adverts being unveiled thick and fast. From the festively tongue-in-cheek, to the heart-warming, to the cinematic, it certainly seems like holidays are coming! We take a look at the most recent one’s to have aired our screens so far…

Tesco: ‘Bring it on!’

One of the first Christmas campaigns to appear on our TV screens this year was the humorous and relatable ‘Bring it on’ advert by Tesco. Following the success of their previous adverts, the comedic Ruth Jones and Ben Miller are back again to do their weekly shop. Whilst browsing the aisle with her trolley, Jones is initially frustrated when Christmas music starts playing. “It’s only November, my clothes still smell of bonfire“, Jones groans. However, the more she thinks about Christmas, the more she cannot help but smile. Miller finds her and holds up a box of mince pies, asking “is it too early”? “Nah. Bring it on” she replies with a smile. The reason the Tesco adverts work so well is because the characters are so relatable and mimic what we are all thinking.

Boots: ‘the gift of beauty’

Working in an office, it’s easy to forget as we swan off home on the 22nd December that thousands of people in the UK are working on Christmas Day and all over the festive period. But Boots won’t let you forget – if the slow plinky piano and camera work straight out of a Channel 4 documentary doesn’t make you feel guilty, the voice overs from nurses and fire-fighters will put a hole in your stomach usually reserved for avoiding charity reps on the street.

We watch as the women get their hair and make-up done, the music builds; some bells start jingling somewhere and lo – off come the tabards, scrubs and high vis jackets. With their glowing faces and white robes, I’m reminded of a story I was told in my childhood about a baby boy born in a stable. The party starts, and we’re brought back to what Christmas is really all about – buying 3 for 2 toiletry boxes for distant cousins. That’s what teenagers like, right?

Aldi: ‘Kevin the Carrot’

In a magical retelling of the Night Before Christmas, a small (and very cute) carrot embarks on a dangerous journey across the dinner table in order to get to the chimney in the hopes of meeting Santa. The brave hero of the story, named Kevin the Carrot, makes his way through the obstacles of the festive feast and ultimately ends up on Santa’s sleigh, showing that anyone can anyone can achieve their dream, no matter how small. Aldi have touched the hearts of many with this heart-warming advert, which is bound to put a smile on just about anyone’s face.

John Lewis: ‘#BusterTheBoxer’

On deciding that 2016 had been an absolute shocker of a year already, the last thing John Lewis wanted to do was make the whole country cry by leaving some guy on the moon all by himself, at Christmas no less. So this time, they decided to warm everyone’s hearts by having a dog (and some chirpy woodland animals) to play on a trampoline to yet another piano heavy cover of a pop song, because god forbid there’s a Christmas ad out there without piano. A special mention goes to the Dad who assembled a metal trampoline in the snow without any gloves on. Hero.

Burberry: ‘The Tale of Thomas Burberry’

Burberry took a different, more cinematic approach to their Christmas campaign this year. The 3-and-a-half minute long advert is filmed and edited more like a film trailer, and reimagines the life story of founder Thomas Burberry. The luxury brand’s latest lavish campaign is rumoured to have cost more than £10m to produce and was made in celebration of the brand’s 160th anniversary.

The star-studded Christmas ad features stars Domhnall Gleeson, Dominic West, Sienna Miller and Lily James, and was directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Asif Kapadia, who directed last year’s Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy.

Many viewers were enticed about the advert and the title characters, and have spoken about their desire for a feature-length film to be made based on the short and the life of Thomas Burberry.

Asda: ‘Christmas Made Better’ by Saatchi & Saatchi

Everyone loves Christmas, don’t they? Well, Asda love Christmas so much they’ve gone and made a plethora of different adverts showing us all how the supermarket chain can help us overcome every festive obstacle in the book. From the nationwide obligation to wear Christmas jumpers until February, having to buy a present for absolutely everyone you know – even your weird neighbours (who has normal ones?). Ne’er fear, Asda is here to help you bribe children, cook a feast for twenty people and run around in the snow in your pyjamas chasing dogs. Why don’t these people dress appropriately for winter?

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