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Are poor reviews Superman’s kryptonite?

Tuesday 5th April

The Telegraph said ‘Zack Snyder’s superhero spectacle is a meat-headed, humourless mess that squanders its cast and makes little sense’, said ‘A stink bucket of disappointment’, meanwhile The Guardian thinks it’s a ‘shoddy tale that never gets off the ground’.

What film is it that they’re all massacring, and certainly after reading any of these reviews, why would anyone go and see it?


The damning reviews were for Snyder’s second DC movie, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Unflattering reviews aside, the film lived up to its billing as a huge blockbuster by taking £14.6m at the UK box office on its first weekend – the biggest opening ever for a superhero movie, eclipsing the £14.4m Avengers: Age Of Ultron kicked off with last April. Not to mention that it’s also a record opening for March and including the Easter Monday, it has already banked a massive £18m!

As Thinkbox said, ‘All TV is video, but not all video is TV’ and this indeed includes cinema. Cinema viewing figures have increased over the past couple of years: 91% of 16-34 year olds are heavy cinema goers, which is an increase of 6% in the last 4 years. Cinema remains one of the most prolific ways to reach your audience in a powerful, engaging and dynamic way.

As with TV, Cinema is a commanding medium, it provides a shared experience that people go on to discuss many more times after the event. A trip to the cinema is an occasion; in the same way as we make sure we are viewing must-see TV, e.g. the latest live episode of The X Factor. The consumer holds the power and it ultimately shows that no matter what others may think, if people want to watch a new release, they will – regardless of the criticisms.

The soothsayers predicted that TV was in decline, but we’ve yet to see it happen. Now they’re saying we’re no longer visiting the cinema due to the rise of Amazon Prime and Netflix, though it’s believed the growth is coming at the expense of DVDs and not cinema. As 2016 looks forward to another 15 blockbusters being released this year, the market shows no sign of slowing down, though can anyone shove Batman and Superman off the top spot? Now where did I put that kryptonite…

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Jessica Ralph

Broadcast Account Director, Total Media

Jess is an Account Director, working as part of the Broadcast team. While an avid fan of all things broadcast, Jess is a huge Neflix - and in particular, Walking Dead - aficionado.

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