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Let’s put things into perspective

Tuesday 19th March

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” Is a quote from former U.S President Harry Truman – it is also something that we can all take into our work as marketing professionals.


As marketing grew as a profession, so did the number of specialisms in the field, to the point where now there is near enough an expert in anything you can think of across offline and online media.

This growth in specialised skills has come with a natural divide between individuals and teams, with people working on their specialisms in ‘silos’. In doing so some of us have also distanced ourselves from being able to work together collaboratively – especially when it comes to answering the bigger media questions and delivering the best and most accurate insights.

Taking myself as an example, working in Biddable media (Paid Search & Social) it is extremely easy to be stuck with a tunnel vision when it comes to diagnosing unnatural spikes in performance or the results of media tests without taking into account the ‘external’ efforts of other channels and how this may have influenced results.

This is a difficult topic to address with different channels sometimes operating within different companies, which makes the problem of collaboration more prominent. Despite this, it is something that we, as professionals, need to address to deliver more accurate and impactful campaigns – but what can we do?


Solving the issue

When it comes to tackling this issue and bringing the best insights, there is a range of ways to approach it depending on the scenario. In lieu of this, I would like to propose 5 key points to making sure our work is as connected as possible:



All teams need to work together and not in silos when it comes to insights. Insights presented to the relevant parties should be consistent between channels (where applicable), without irregularities –  this means ensuring that everyone is aware of what is happening, so they can keep an eye on any changes within their own sphere and be able to accurately reference causes.


Understand the business

 To effectively report, test and action you need to understand the business challenges and what effects potential tests and actions will have on the business and its KPIs. This can also include knowing the business’ seasonality and any idiosyncrasies of their customers.


Go beyond the observation

When looking for a deep and accurate understanding of data, we need to go beyond the observation and bring new information that cannot be immediately seen by looking at a number on a data table which is already explaining itself.


Know the data

 To aid you in spotting where there are insights or new information, you need to know your data. This means knowing what lies within your standard deviations and what changes you can expect from seasonal changes or changes you make yourself manually through campaign optimisations, tests or any changes in activity from other channels (i.e. TV uplifting search metrics).


Track your changes

 It’s important to make sure that there is a change log or a record of what’s being changed or optimised so that these can be referenced in a week on week or year on year reports and there is a place where you pinpoint media adjustments against any change in campaign or business metrics.


In conclusion, working together is good!

We have only scratched the surface, and there is a myriad of methods we can use to try and break barriers and be more progressive in our day-to-day work in our field. For example here at Total Media, we have an agile working policy, including flexible-working and hot-desking which makes it easier to collaborate with my colleagues working on different channels and share insights into how we are advancing client campaigns.


Aside from this, it’s important that we are pioneering the advancement of collaboration methods and tools so that we can make sure that in end, everything is pulling in the right direction.

Article Written by

Johnson Kitete

Biddable Account Director, Total Media

Johnson joined Total Media 2 years ago. He studied Marketing at Sheffield University. He is known around the office for eating snacks and playing Fifa.

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