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TM in the News: Children’s advertising struggles as viewers switch to tablets and on-demand services

Friday 23rd December

With the rapid advancements in communications technology, traditional forms of media consumption have been taking a hit.

Physical book sales have dropped due to the emergence of e-books and linear TV has been adversely affected by the ease in convenience of streaming. Studies have found that with more children choosing to watch on-demand content via their mobiles, tablets and other devices, TV continues to lose more viewers. CNBC spoke to a host of advertising experts, including our Head of Broad, Liz Duff, to discuss the scale of the problem and how advertisers can reconnect with audiences using television.

You can read the full article on CNBC.

Article Written by

Emma Jeffers

Communications Manager, Total Media

A trained journalist by trade and a sci-fi geek by nature, Emma oversees marketing communications at Total Media.

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