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TM in the News: Trump’s inauguration: the behavioural signals

Monday 23rd January

It was the day many, rightly or wrongly, had been dreading. But on January 20th, President Donald Trump was formally sworn into the White House.

President Donald Trump inauguration address

Following on from his original article, which looked at how Donald Trump had exploited emotion to capture the White House, this time around – coinciding with Trump’s inauguration – our Managing Director, Tom Laranjo, analyses how Trump’s communication tactics have differed from Obama’s for Campaign. And it looks like knee-jerk reactions and emotions will continue to be the touchstones for oratory.

Read Tom’s full article on Campaign.

Article Written by

Emma Jeffers

Communications Manager, Total Media

A trained journalist by trade and a sci-fi geek by nature, Emma oversees marketing communications at Total Media.

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