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Total Media awarded Investec’s Corporate & Investment Banking and Wealth & Investment media accounts

Thursday 22nd November

We are overjoyed to announce we have been awarded the media accounts for two divisions of Investec, the specialist bank and asset manager. For the divisions ‘Investec Corporate & Institute Banking’ and ‘Wealth & Investment’, we will be tasked with using our behavioural understanding to help the business acquire new clients.

Founded in 1991, Investec provides investment products and services to institutions, advisory clients and individuals. Investec Corporate and Institutional Banking provide a wide range of products and services including specialised lending and treasury activities designed to deliver the best outcomes for businesses. Investec Wealth & Investment specialises in investing for individual clients, charities, trusts and clients of professional advisers on a bespoke basis, seeking optimal returns on their capital at all times.

Using a people-centric tech solution that allows it to understand the behaviours of the UK’s ‘high net worth’ market, we will use personality and emotional analysis to unlock unconscious and conscious motivations in order to tailor messages to audiences and help Investec nurture prospects towards a better conversion outcome.

We will run a multi-channel campaign across the UK with an immediate start.

Thomas Laranjo, Managing Director of Total Media, said: “Investec’s value is in its expertise and ability to create bespoke solutions for its clients. Our behavioural planning approach reflects this, tailoring messages to Investec’s audience according to their needs.”

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