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Total Media brews beer to suit you!

Monday 1st April

Yes, you heard right. We’ve been racking our brains trying to think of how we can use our behavioural expertise for the greater good, and finally, it hit us – beer!

After many late nights in the brewery, and working with our behavioural scientists, we have developed 3 types of beer with 3 different personalities designed with you in mind. Whichever you feel most attracted to, is your kind of beer!


The scientific bit…

We tested our participants with our in house biometrics tech to understand their reactions to the design and taste of our beer. We measured the drinkers facial reactions, heartbeat, galvanic skin response and brain activity during the experience to truly understand the impact. Using machine learning based psycho-graphic testing combined with social listening, we were able to pinpoint and understand who was talking about beer and their personality traits based on the OCEAN model. The OCEAN model is how we can look at somebody’s personality at any given time against what is called the Big Five: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. This allows us to get a better level of insight about who they are as a person and how to best talk to them to provide them with the best experience. We could then use our knowledge of behaviour to connect to the right people, at the right time. From this Mike, Emma & Alex were born.

Mike, Emma & Alex

We developed Mike with extraversion in mind, the qualities this personality possesses are energetic, outgoing, sociable and thrill-seeking. They enjoy being the centre of attention to a certain degree. They are attracted to bright colours and bold, quirky fonts, and these insights, therefore, led us to choose bright and bold colours with quirky fonts when designing the beer bottle.

Emma came next, this beer was based around Agreeableness. From our research, we knew that people in this category value trust, they are empathetic and modest. We wanted a ‘crowd pleaser’, so we focused on warm colours and curvy fonts, turning Emma into the beer for groups of friends to enjoy together.

Alex is the kind of beer for a more introverted personality. We knew from research that a key driving factor for introverts is FOMO, but how could we target this? We didn’t want to use intense colours for this beer, aiming for a relaxing feel with the colours and fonts.

Our behavioural planning approach means that we get closer to what really powers people’s decisions; their likes, dislikes, motivations and inspirations. All of which has helped us to create a beer to suit you!


If only Total Media brewed beer… Happy April Fools!

Article Written by

Jess Huntrods and Sarah King

Marketing and New Business Assistant and Graduate, Total Media

Jess and Sarah have been working together in the marketing team to design the perfect beer. Jess has been in the team for a year now and Sarah has joined the team as part of her graduate rotation scheme.

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