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Wiggle uses emotional intelligence software to optimise content

Wednesday 3rd June

Virool’s eIQ software takes video effectiveness measurement to next level


In a UK media first, Wiggle, the UK’s number one cycling and tri-sport equipment e-tailer, is trialling emotional intelligence facial recognition software to optimise up its video content in real time.

Recommended by its retained independent agency, Total Media, to harness the power that real-time data affords, the software – called eIQ by Virool, a leading video distribution platform – takes effectiveness measurement to the next level by enabling Wiggle to understand its audience’s emotional reactions to their creative.

The software’s real-time element will allow Wiggle to optimise its content towards audiences who are responding favourably to the advert and will also enable them to tweak the creative during the campaign to make it more engaging.

The software works by measuring engagement through facial micro expressions. Once the video advertising is live, users are prompted to participate using their own web cams, where the advert can be viewed across multiple devices. The software then measures the viewer’s emotional reactions to the brand’s messaging and creative resonance by tracking their key emotions (joy, disgust, anger, surprise etc.). These emotions are then overlaid against Virool’s proprietary DMP that provides demographic and behavioural targeting for increased optimisation.

Rachel Moffatt, Marketing Director at Wiggle, said: ‘We are really excited by the opportunity to understand our customers’ genuine reactions to our ad in real-time and to be able to take immediate action based on that data. This coupled with Virool’s ability to deliver scale to our audience means we can achieve a deeper level of insight whilst delivering our business objectives.’

Celine Saturnino, Head of Media Operations at Total Media added: ‘Virool’s emotional intelligence software provides us with an additional level of insight to determine the effectiveness of online video. The campaign’s success will be measured by analysing the impact of optimisations made based on emotional response compared to other video activity running without this intelligence .’

Andy Chandler, Managing Director, UK at Virool commented: ‘Total Media is a leader in the UK and we are very excited to be working with them to provide our eIQ emotional insights technology on Wiggle’s video campaigns. eIQ will help them better understand the performance of their video creative and the emotional response it elicits from the people actually watching their video online.’

In addition to the emotional software measurement, Total Media will also be handling the media activity for VOD and video amplification (in addition to the Virool activity), TV, press, digital display, mobile and social activation, as part of Wiggle’s Q2 awareness generation campaign.

The campaign kicks off on 3 June and runs until 25 June.

Article Written by

Emma Jeffers

Communications Manager, Total Media

A trained journalist by trade and a sci-fi geek by nature, Emma oversees marketing communications at Total Media.

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