Better results through behavioural planning


At Total Media we plan around people’s behaviours; how they think, feel and act, not just their demographics.

We do not make decisions like machines and our desires, motivations and influences are often hidden, even from ourselves. That is why we plan for people not profiles.


The 'Aha!' Moment

What’s the magical jump point that takes a campaign from ‘hmmm’ to ‘Aha!’?

At Total Media we believe that the best insights are the ones that are quickly understood, easily explained and just ‘feel’ right, and it is this moment that we call ‘Aha!’

Using all the tools of our trade, plus a few extras we have developed ourselves, we create those powerful ‘Aha!’ moments at just the right time, giving campaigns that extra boost to success.



At Total Media, Transparency has been our philosophy for over 35 years. Our transparency comes by design, for more information contact us.



Pedro Martins

Total Media