How identifying the 'wave' enabled Hotwire to hit targets 14 months early


The Objective

The launch

Launch an unfamiliar US hotel aggregator, Hotwire, into the UK and Ireland with a new model of opaque buying. Hotwire wanted to acquire new consumers in significant volumes and at an aggressive cost per response of £2.50.


The Challenge

Breaking into an established market with something new

How could we disrupt an established hotel search journey and communicate a new method of opaque buying, whilst still delivering the right volume of quotes at the right business margin?


The ‘Aha’ Moment

The wave of interest

Extensive research identified the core audience; Savvy Short Breakers, affluent unconstrained couples who were heavy users of short hotel breaks. By using search and transactional log level data, we followed the traces of their search behaviour, to identify clear waves of interest in the lead up to and over the weekend (looking and ultimately booking).


The Strategy

Positive disruption

By identifying the consistent times of hotel search interest, we mapped out media consumption around these signals. Our strategy called Riding the Search Wave used television spots bought around this interest, in conjunction with times when dual screen was most prevalent. We also changed our bid and keyword search strategy around these times, to further disrupt the online search journey, with a powerful Hotwire message. As our campaign developed we used our TV spot attribution tools to identify the optimum schedule; matching Hotwire's incremental website quotes back to individual transmissions, therefore allowing us to continually optimise our media buy.

The Results


Cost per quote average was hit fourteen months before the target date


Above the forecast volume of quotes


Above predictions for branded search terms

People who worked on this project

Andy Travis

Healthy appetite for any challenge be it media, the sporting arena and oh yes, not forgetting any food put in front of me!


There's no "one size fits all" media approach. Every strategy should be bespoke and specially created for that client, their market and audience.

Lucas Brown

An analytically-minded strategist who likes to think laterally, while always remembering LA JOIE DE VIVRE!


Always put yourself in your clients' and their customers' shoes.

Liz Duff

Practical, realistic and a complete music geek.


"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right" Henry Ford

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