Lenovo Yoga

Putting the 'OOH' in Dooh and raising consideration levels by 84%


The Objective

Notice me!

Lenovo needed to grow consideration levels among its target Millennial audience.


The Challenge

Engaging with Millennials

Millennials prefer to be marketed with, as opposed to marketed at. They don't trust advertising, but they do trust their friends and their social connections. Therefore we needed to produce a strategy which would connect with them and provide social kudos for the audience to connect and share.


The ‘Aha’ Moment

Generation Me

With their insatiable appetite for sharing content, Millennials are referred to as 'Generation Me'. With over 50% of them sharing selfies, we knew making them the star of a campaign would incentivise engagement and shares.


The Strategy

Make the audience
the star

#YOGAMYWAY targeted Millennials and encouraged them to submit their selfies to become a part of a real-time ad on the ultimate backdrop: the UK's biggest indoor digital screen, MOTION@WATERLOO. We also got celebrities famed for their selfie exploits to get involved and share content.

The Results


Increase in consideration amongst Millennials


Increase in search volume

People who worked on this project

Lucas Brown

An analytically-minded strategist who likes to think laterally, while always remembering LA JOIE DE VIVRE!


Always put yourself in your clients' and their customers' shoes.

Liz Duff

Practical, realistic and a complete music geek.


"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right" Henry Ford

James Duffy

Straight-forward, honest and always looking to understand what makes people tick.


Do the simple things brilliantly and always endeavour to understand what your clients want to achieve.

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