Nakd increase purchases intent by 86% with a tasty ooh event


The Objective

Increase fame and sales: Viva the wholefood revolution!

Nakd, one of the UK's leading wholefood snacking brands, wanted to increase awareness and purchase intent of their Nakd bars.


The Challenge

Low awareness and budget

We knew that Nakd had relatively low levels of awareness in the market and considerably lower budget levels than the rest of the snacking industry, so a traditional media plan wouldn't cut it. We had to do something different to grab our audience's attention.


The ‘Aha’ Moment

Choice led to intent

Audience research showed that when people saw the amount of choice that was available with Nakd bars, they were more likely to try them. And whenever people tried the Nakd bars, they always went back for more! In addition, the range of choice was expanding with flavours as diverse as Bakewell tart to rhubarb and custard, so there really was something for everyone.


The Strategy

That poster's for eating

We created Nakd's first ever edible billboard and #FindYourFave was born. A status poster site at Westfield London, which displayed 16 different Nakd bar flavours., encouraged people passing by the billboard to reach out and grab a snack to find their favourite Nakd healthy treat. While the edible billboard was erected, we amplified out the story to stimulate conversations in both social and the wider media.

The Results


Intent to purchase increase


bars tasted


Footfall for the week of edible wall


Increase in revenue from social MoM

People who worked on this project

Tom Laranjo

Optimistic, curious (one dead cat is a price worth paying), loves country music (two out of three is OK).


Greatness comes from authenticity

Andy Travis

Healthy appetite for any challenge be it media, the sporting arena and oh yes, not forgetting any food put in front of me!


There's no "one size fits all" media approach. Every strategy should be bespoke and specially created for that client, their market and audience.

Celine Saturnino

Straight talking lover of all things media.


Born to negotiate unless her toddler is involved and then it's a losing battle.

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