Visit Orlando

Following the Orlando mind-set to drive a 10% increase in airline seats sold


The Objective

Drive visitation during off peak seasons

Orlando needed to grow visitation levels in the off-peak seasons by growing the number of airline seats sold with the various airline partners, such as Virgin Atlantic and British Airways.


The Challenge

Lifting the shoulders

As Orlando was seen very much as a family destination, demand outstripped supply during the peak family holiday but the shoulder periods around these peaks remain an opportunity. But the challenge was bring a different audience to embrace the fun that Orlando had to offer.


The ‘Aha’ Moment

The spirit of Orlando

Working with Visit Orlando and their partner agencies we agreed that the best audience to focus on was young couples, as they would not have the same holiday timing constraints, and would be open to off peak deals. But young couples were too broad a group! We believed there was a type of person that would love the fun of Orlando, and we had to find that mind-set. By following the conversation on forums and in social media, as well as using market research surveys, we built up a clear attitudinal picture of this mind-set, which we call the Spirit of Orlando. This provided a psycho-graphic of Fun Seekers, that could be linked to the demographics of Young Couples.


The Strategy

Moments of escapism

Our strategy Moments of Escapism found the times and the places where our Fun Seeking Young Couples were escaping the monotony of their everyday life. This lead us to identify TV programmes where the audience were indulging themselves in their specific content of choice, both on television and on VOD. We next started targeting the times when they were thinking and searching for holiday inspiration. This organically led to building partnerships with media brands such as Buzzfeed where they were seeking reality escapism.

The Results


Increase of passenger load factor (and airline seats sold) during the campaign


British Airways uplift for couples market YOY


Increase in conversion for media-synced activity

People who worked on this project

Celine Saturnino

Straight talking lover of all things media.


Born to negotiate unless her toddler is involved and then it's a losing battle.

Lucas Brown

An analytically-minded strategist who likes to think laterally, while always remembering LA JOIE DE VIVRE!


Always put yourself in your clients' and their customers' shoes.

Andy Travis

Healthy appetite for any challenge be it media, the sporting arena and oh yes, not forgetting any food put in front of me!


There's no "one size fits all" media approach. Every strategy should be bespoke and specially created for that client, their market and audience.

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