At Total Media, we see our ESG teams as a vital part of our company culture. They play a key role in helping us progress not only as a business, but as a community. Since our B Corp accreditation in 2021, we have built upon our understanding of what it means to be an environmentally and socially responsible company. Part of this responsibility is recognising that we must nurture and collaborate on what is already there and identify spaces which we can celebrate and grow.

We have 5 ESG teams at Total Media:

1. The Diversity & Inclusion team: This team is central in ensuring DEI is at the forefront of our agency decision making and that we remain accountable to the 10 commitments set out in the Adland charter we signed in 2020. We actively review policy, training and recruitment strategies to continue to foster an open, inclusive and diverse culture where everyone feels valued and respected.

2. The Mindful team: This team promotes, supports, and looks after employee well-being, both mentally and physically, to create a happier and healthier workforce. The team of Mental Health First Aiders are supported by a wider well-being team who help to organise a roster of well-being initiatives.

3. The Outreach team: This team organises and implements Total Media’s outreach programme and works very closely with our partner charity, Young Westminster Foundation.  They seek to make sure that Total Media gives back to its local community and have brought about things such as training workshops for youth clubs, foodbank contributions, and sponsored walks to name a few.

4. The Green team: This team aims to make Total Media as environmentally friendly as possible. They seek to make sure our suppliers are in line with our environmental policies, and helps to keep day to day environmental matters, such as reducing meat consumption in business meetings, monitoring our energy usage and setting targets to better our recycling rate and more. They also audit our carbon footprint and have implemented a carbon reduction plan.

5. The Fun Factory: This team is our resident social team who organise Fun Factory Friday’s and the all-fun events at Total Media, as well as our summer and Christmas parties. Past activities have included bake-offs, sports days, quiz nights and movie evenings!

Why are these ESG teams important?

Each of these ESG teams form a part of our recognition and understanding that we have a duty of care to be diverse, promote wellness, participate in helping the communities that surround us, be environmentally sustainable and have fun and form connections whilst doing so.

Furthermore, by having the variety within our teams enhances our company culture as it allows people to bring their whole selves to work, as people can join the teams that most align with their values. Those who feel passionately about how bigger corporations can reduce their carbon footprint can be an active member in the Green team and help promote our carbon neutral offering. On the other hand, those who really want to make sure that we are having fun and celebrating our successes together can help plan social activities such as rum punches, Halloween bashes and St. Patricks day get togethers- all which nurture bonds between individuals.

Another way in which these teams add to the richness of our culture is that it allows for creativity and collaboration between individuals who may not typically work together and having this cross collaboration is vital for learning and development. Having the responsibility spread across teams also ensures that we are holding ourselves accountable for the actions we want to achieve and keeps us inquisitive and open about the next best steps to take.

As we spend the majority of our time at work, it only makes sense to highlight the importance of Total Media’s ESG teams and celebrate the culture that they promote. We’re really proud of the work that they do and feel that they should be at the core of any agency.

For more information contact our team’s today! Or if you want to be part of an agency that puts their ESG commitments at the heart of everything they do, see our current vacancies here.

Emmy Greener - People & Culture Coordinator

Author: Emmy Greener - People & Culture Coordinator

Emmy is our People & Culture Coordinator and helps with everything from organising training and development to leading the Mindful Monday Team. Outside of her work she loves to read Greek mythology and look after her pet Gecko Pendragon-Phillip, a.k.a Lil Pen.