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At Total Media we provide the opportunity for our employees to contribute to our local community by offering two paid charity days a year. One of these days is dedicated to supporting our charity partner, the Young Westminster Foundation, while the other allows for personal choice. Taking a creative approach, our Green Team decided to integrate their environmental initiatives with one of these charity days. We collaborated with The Conservation Volunteers, who are an organisation dedicated to environmental conservation through hands-on volunteer efforts. In the year 2022 alone, they orchestrated the transformation of an impressive 1,278 green spaces across the UK.

Last week, a group of us came together to take part in the volunteering day which involved rejuvenating yet another of The Conservation Volunteers green spaces in London. Our mission was to kickstart a project aimed at enhancing the area surrounding one of their ponds. The ultimate vision for this space is to create a serene environment, complete with a pathway leading to the pond and a bench, providing a peaceful space for both visitors and wildlife.

Our tasks included diligently cutting back brambles and uprooting their roots to pave the way for the proposed pathway. We also utilised the bramble that we cleared by crafting habitats for the local wildlife. It was a rewarding experience, and to witness firsthand the hard work that goes into conserving these areas by volunteers every day was truly inspiring. The day also provided us with an unexpected benefit of a full-on workout! Making it not only beneficial for our mental well-being, but our physical well-being too.

Why are volunteering days important?

The significance of these charity days lies in the opportunity they offer us to actively contribute to building healthier and happier communities for everyone. This particular charity day held special importance as it allowed us to connect people and green spaces to deliver positive outcomes for both. Witnessing everyone coming together for a shared purpose and devote their time and effort to a great cause was really uplifting.

Alongside our B Corp accreditation, the charity day served as a source of inspiration to continue doing good and promoting positive change in the world around us. Due to its success, we plan to make it an annual event to continue our ongoing commitment to the environment and our local community.

Our Green Team are always working on initiatives to ensure being sustainable is at the forefront of everything we do! With the process for our B Corp recertification about to start, we are ready to delve into all things ‘environment.’ You can see some of what the Green Team were up to at the start of the year in our Earth Day blog.

For more information on how we look to integrate green initiatives into our company culture, contact us here. Or if you want to work for a company with strong ESG commitments, view our current vacancies here.

Alix Troy

Author: Alix Troy

Alongside her role, Alix leads our ESG strategy and manages our B Corp, Green and Social Teams. Alix enjoys going on sunny holidays, walking her dog Teddy and isn't shy to a little self pamper.