The Power of Habits - Episode 1 Banner - Watching Behaviour of a man looking at items in store.

We are excited to announce our new behavioural science podcast. Together with Behave, our human insights consultancy, we have launched our very own podcast series, Behave!

In this behavioural science podcast series we discuss, explore and showcase the practical benefits of layering behavioural insights to deliver more effective marketing results and business growth.

With it being a new year and a new decade, and with the time-honoured tradition of starting the new year with new habits, we thought it was only right to make this the subject of our first podcast.

In this episode, aptly named “the power of habits”, author of The Choice Factory, Richard Shotton, and Total Media’s Head of Behavioural Planning, Will Hanmer-Lloyd, discuss the importance of forming habits in consumer behaviour and how forming habits with your target audience can be the key to the success of your product or service.

Check out episode one, the power of habits, here and don’t forget to subscribe for further episodes!

Madeleine Ware - Marketing & New Business Manager

Author: Madeleine Ware - Marketing & New Business Manager