Take a look at what we’ve been discussing in this month’s news round-up.


The Grocer – Supermarkets can nudge shoppers to make better decisions, Will Hanmer-Lloyd

Our head of behavioural planning, Will was featured in the Grocer discussing how supermarkets can use nudge techniques to influence what customers buy.


Manchester Evening News and Birmingham Post – Running Total Media have hit £25m in billings since they launched in 2016

We were proud to announce our Manchester office, Running Total, hit £25m in billings in 2 years. In this piece John and Colin, Managing Partners at Running Total, talk about what has been key to their success.


The i – TV’s streaming wars are about to reach their climax, Mihir Haria-Shah

Our head of broadcast, Mihir discussed the growing number of streaming services in The i. In this article, Mihir predicted that the explosion in choice could lead to consumers changing their behaviour, such as selecting a “base subscription” rather than having multiple streaming subscriptions.


Politco – Teflon Bojo’s 5 tips for surviving scandal, Will Hanmer-Lloyd

With Boris proving resistant to scandal, Politico asked Will explain why this might be through behavioural science.


Mediatel: How to use behavioural science to drive charitable behaviour, Will Hanmer-Lloyd

For the next article in Will’s Mediatel series, he discusses how behavioural science can help drive charitable behaviour.


Jess Huntrods - Marketing and New Business Assistant

Author: Jess Huntrods - Marketing and New Business Assistant

Jess is part of the Marketing and New Business team. Originally from Cheshire, Jess loves to explore London each weekend and find the top food spots.