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CityAM: Letters to the editor – Political spirits, Will Hanmer-Lloyd

For those who grab a copy of CityAM for their commute, you may have seen our head of behavioural planning, Will Hanmer-Lloyd featured in his ‘letters to the editor’ piece. In this piece, Will helped us understand what makes our new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson so impervious through behavioural biases.


Mediatel: ITV banks on a winter Love Island as ad revenues slide, Mihir Haria-Shah

Our head of broadcast, Mihir continued to speak about all things TV in Mediatel when discussing ITV’s decreasing ad revenues, which have fallen 5% during the first half of the year.  Mihir stated that although there has been a 5% fall during the last 6 months, ITV “starting to fight back” against its digital competitors, including the announcement of Britbox. To have a look at Mihir’s comment, click here: http://bit.ly/331UsL8


The Telegraph, the Independent & CityAM: Netflix’s share dive, Mihir Haria-Shah

With Netflix’s shares dropping significantly in their recent results, Mihir discussed whether Netflix has peaked in 3 national papers. Mihir spoke about the battle of the streaming devices, which is continuing to grow, suggesting that Netflix will need to continue to invest even more into original content. To read what Mihir had to say in each publication, click on the links below:





CityAM: Letters to the editor – Pro-social media, Tom Laranjo

Our managing director Tom Laranjo was featured in CityAM commenting on Instagram’s new anti-bullying features, and how this can only be seen as a positive. Tom explained that firstly it insinuates that the individual is breaking a social norm (behaving well on the platform) as well as making users feel as though they are being watched, both of which will encourage people to act more pro-socially.


Mediatel: The benefit of (sometimes) disappointing your customers, Will Hanmer-Lloyd

Will had his 10th article of his Mediatel behavioural science series published. In this article, Will discussed the finding that we become more addicted to something when a good outcome isn’t guaranteed. Take a look at Will’s article here: http://bit.ly/2GGKq8H


Jess Huntrods - Marketing and New Business Assistant

Author: Jess Huntrods - Marketing and New Business Assistant

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