Deliveroo is a food delivery service, which like many delivery companies, boomed during the pandemic. They have since built up a loyal customer base of over 8 million users, some of which use the app weekly. They have now opened up this audience to brands through the launch of their own advertising platform, Deliveroo Media and Ecommerce. This article will explain how Deliveroo’s ad model will work, and what brands can do to make the most out of this new media opportunity. 

What is Deliveroo Media and Ecommerce?

Deliveroo has partnered with Criteo, the commerce media platform, to allow brands to advertise directly to its users. This includes new formats, in-app and online, as well as ads being featured on the order tracker page for the first time. However, these ads will not disrupt the user experience as delivering a food-first service to their customer base remains the company’s top priority.

Instead, advertising solutions will sit within the context of the Deliveroo interface. Brands can now target 8 million active users who are in a buying mindset. This is the perfect setting for FMCG brands to get their products front and centre in front of a key, foodie demographic.   

Deliveroo’s ad platform will be launching in July, starting in the UK, before rolling out globally, meaning it’s a great time to start thinking about how your brand could utilise this new, exciting media opportunity.

What does this mean for FMCG brands?

FMCG brands can now put their product in front of an audience who are currently in the mindset of shopping for food. This is a great opportunity for brands to test targeting behaviours and moments around feeling ‘hungry’. 

Studies have shown that feeling hungry can affect decision making, from encouraging people to make faster decisions, to the individual becoming more reliant on their gut feeling when making a choice. This behavioural heuristic could have an interesting effect on an FMCG brands marketing strategy. For example, a snack brand may benefit from quick decision making, as displaying an ad at just the right moment could lead to that snack being added to the user’s Deliveroo basket.

Another idea would be to target occasions where food is needed like party food. Alcohol brands could display ads alongside party platters to put their product in front of a user planning a party. This could become particularly prevalent when planning Christmas and New Year campaigns. Alongside bigger media activations like TV, you could do more targeted ads on Deliveroo for quicker wins, as if your product is sold in one of the 11,000 grocers on the app then the user can add it straight to their basket. 

How can other brands use Deliveroo creatively in their media plans?

It is not just FMCG brands who can benefit from targeting this foodie audience. This new platform is a great opportunity for brands to get creative and again look to target moments and behaviours. 

One example would be tapping into that common behaviour of eating whilst watching a movie. A streaming service like Britbox, the home of British boxsets, could create a campaign around ordering food for movie nights. They could advertise alongside takeaways on the restaurant platform, or ready meals and snacks on the grocery platform, to nudge the user to have a cosy night in watching their films. 

Alternatively, another subscription service, Abel and Cole, could look to position themselves on the app as a ‘healthier’ alternative. For example, if it is someone’s cheat day on a Saturday and they are buying a takeaway, Abel and Cole could promote healthy meal ideas for the weekdays.

Next Steps

If advertising on Deliveroo sounds like a great option for your brand, or if you just want to know more about it and how it can fit into your media plan then contact Guillermo Dvorak, Head of Digital.

At Total Media, behavioural planning is at the heart of everything we do, so we can help you create a media plan targeting some of those behavioural moments so that you get the most out of your digital campaign. 

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This blog was co-written by our Head of Digital, Guillermo Dvorak and our Content Writer, Sophie Lurcuck.

Guillermo Dvorak - Head of Digital

Author: Guillermo Dvorak - Head of Digital

Guillermo considers himself a tech nerd and has over 10 years’ experience in digital media planning & buying across multiple industries, helping brands develop their digital maturity to improve customer engagement and lifetime value.