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Video content is becoming increasingly important. In 2023, 66% of consumers have actively searched for video content to find out more about a brand. Therefore, businesses need to include video content in their marketing strategy, to target this shift in consumer behaviour and get ahead of competitors. Not all brands have the inhouse skills or budget to create professional videos, however. That’s where AI comes in.

Tools like VEED.IO use the latest AI technology to create effective videos that can be used for a number of different business needs, such as for sales outreach or marketing presentations. This is a quick, cost effective solution for brands who are looking to jump on the video content trend but have limited resources. How does it work? This article will explain how to use VEED.IO’s AI Avatar product, and how it can help your business. 

What is VEED.IO’s AI Avatar product and how does it work?

VEED.IO helps you to transform text into professional videos. All you need to do is produce a script and the AI tool will do the rest. There are over 50 digital actors to choose from. You can select a different avatar for each video, or stick to the one avatar to build a strong face of the brand. Next, play around with things like the background, audio or subtitles, to produce a high spec, professional video. If you’re not sure where to begin, select one of the 30 templates, including sales and training videos and customise them to suit your brand. All that is left to do is to share your videos internally or externally and watch how they can help drive views and engagement. 

How can AI Avatars help to grow your business?

AI Avatars are a great way of generating informative content. Search engines like Google are placing increasing importance on ‘helpful content’. Therefore, using a tool like VEED.IO to create content that is insightful yet easily digestible can help you to rank highly in the search results because Google wants to provide answers to user queries. This, in turn, can boost brand awareness, as users will see your business on the first results page which can help grow your audience.

Furthermore, AI Avatars are a new and visually engaging way to convey informative content. Brands that utilise new technology to create content can cut through the noise and stand out from the crowded market. It’s an opportunity for challenger brands to grow their business by differing themselves from leading competitors. Harnessing the latest trends and innovations is a good way of attracting audiences to your brand and raising your profile. 

You can also choose from over 75 languages when creating your videos. This means your content can be accessible to millions of people across the globe in a matter of minutes. This is a great opportunity to grow your brand globally. Typically, sourcing talent from different countries would be a costly and time consuming exercise, however, with AI you can simply programme the avatar to speak in multiple different languages. This could be a game changer for brands looking to expand globally, particularly start-ups or SME’s where marketing budgets are tight.

What are the benefits of using AI Avatars?

  1. You can quickly transform written content into a video – Good news, the written content you have already created can be the script for your avatar. You can then upload the AI generated video alongside the written content, so that people can choose whether to read or watch. This gives your audience the option to consume content in the way they like best, which can increase your rapport and help your brand message to sink in.
  2. Low cost way of shooting and editing videos – Producing video content can be expensive. AI tools can help reduce these costs whilst producing a high quality output. This is a great option for start-ups or small businesses whose tight marketing budgets can then be better allocated elsewhere.
  3. Quick way of creating content in multiple languages – You can produce global marketing materials at the touch of a button. This is a great way of expanding your reach by making your brand messaging more accessible to a global audience.
  4. You can create high quality videos to share on socials – Video content is  1200% more effective than other forms of marketing content. Using an AI tool like VEED.IO allows you to generate effective video content to share on socials to grow brand awareness and reach. From posting educational content on LinkedIn, to branded content on Instagram, you can begin to build your profile in your business category.
  5. It’s accessible for businesses of all sizes – You don’t need a large team to create a video using an Avatar! Whether you are a large corporation or you’re just getting started, AI Avatars can transform your content strategy. Both start-ups and big businesses can benefit from their global potential. Avatars help any business to stand out from competitors, and help make your brand memorable. 

How to begin integrating AI Avatars into your marketing strategy:

The first thing to do is to trial creating a free video with VEED.IO to get to grips with the tool. Once you are familiar with it, it’s time to think about how you will use the platform to grow your business. Look at the written content you already have and see if it can benefit from being transformed into a video. Be sure to look at the content gaps you are currently missing. AI can generate content quickly which helps to tick topics off your content calendar. Then, share your videos, and be sure to monitor your performance. It’s a great way of tracking growth while testing what videos perform best.

For more information contact our team today or visit VEED.IO’s website.

Sophie Lurcuck - Content Writer

Author: Sophie Lurcuck - Content Writer

Sophie works in the organic team. Outside of her daily content writing duties you can find her watching her favourite reality show or trying out a new restaurant.