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The first thing to do when you launch a business is to look for your consumers. You need to find out what they are saying about your company, products and customer service. These opinions are expressed in customer reviews. There are many different ways that these reviews can appear, affect your business, and help you increase sales, which is important given the current competitive online climate. This article will explain exactly how customer reviews can help you to build your brand perception and grow your start-up.

Can customer reviews help to build my brand’s reputation?

Customer reviews unquestionably contribute to the growth of your brand’s reputation. These client testimonials function something like an online word-of-mouth marketing. After all, 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth or recommendations from friends and family, making reviews an imperative part of your marketing strategy.

However, you must provide a reason for people to talk about your company if you want to establish a solid reputation and increase long-term sales. You can do this by creating a unique and amazing product that people just want to tell their friends about. You could also do something memorable like writing a personalised message for every order to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Just remember it takes time to generate and monitor customer reviews, so be patient! You could also save time by using a third-party application. Big brands use a variety of testimonial-based marketing techniques in order to maintain their reputation. Determining what makes a good review good and where to locate them will therefore be your first step.

What makes a good review good?

There are several hints to keep an eye out for. Positive reviews with a recent date, a relevant text, and a high star rating have a significant impact on future customers. Customers that take the time to write reviews are the ones who will help you draw in new clients.

What review platforms to trust?

There are many options on the market for consumers to leave reviews for your business, although certain websites are more popular than others. This is simply because more people use them, resulting in more reviews to be written.

In a recent survey, Google came out on top, demonstrating their dominance in the field of search engines and internet activity. This does not, however, imply that they lack competition or that users of other platforms do not exist. Try not to limit yourself to Google alone. Get customer reviews relevant to your industry. There are certain social media outlets for each type of customer. Knowing every aspect of your customer holds great promise for growing sales and enhancing your business’s reputation. You should use these platforms if you haven’t already.


Business should respond to customer reviews to improve brand perception

Talking to your customers, whether through a review, email or via chat, is key. It’s important to maintain a solid relationship with them. This forges a solid bond between the consumer and the brand. They’ll feel welcomed and use your goods or services again. In essence, responding to these reviews is what’s most crucial. Whether they are positive or negative, you should plan a strategy to satisfy them. According to Google, positive reviews and interactions between customers and businesses boost organic exposure.

What to do:

  • Express gratitude
  • Apologise and show empathy
  • Take Accountability
  • Compensate in the event of a bad experience

Consider measuring your customer reviews

The next step in gauging customer sentiment is to measure customer reviews. Customer reviews have the power to improve your business’s SEO. Maintaining a great reputation is essential to ranking highly, and given that 95% of searches will not click past the first Google results page, its imperative if you want to outperform the competition and win over customers.  Online customer reviews are also viewed by search engines as a strong indicator of authority and authenticity. The greater your authority, the more Google values your site, which can help boost your ranking position.

Be aware of customer reviews fraud

There is one more thing to watch out for now that you understand the importance of customer reviews and are eager to start reacting to them. As beneficial as real customer reviews are for your business and for everyone using the internet, there is a negative side to it as well: fake reviews. There is an entire industry that provides these kinds of services, so resist the urge to join it.

At first glance, fake reviews might seem like quick and simple solution to building a good brand reputation. Getting a ton of positive feedback and outstanding reviews can have a big impact on your business and prospective customers. This strategy, however, only holds true in theory since it actually harms your online reputation and rating.

Remember that Google will be aware of the existence of these false reviews. Fake reviews can be purchased by the business itself or written by automated software using hacked customer data. Customers may be misled into believing false information and trusting a particular service or product because of this, which can be extremely unethical. Therefore, the best thing you can do for your business is to begin building your customer review strategy slowly which will have a much greater impact in the long run.

Summary: It’s time to take customer reviews seriously if you want to grow your business

It’s time to alter your perspective on customer reviews and begin utilising them to the advantage of your business. Without client reviews, you’d probably attract fewer new consumers, have a lower Google ranking, and have a less reliable reputation. Therefore, you’ll soon see the benefits if you use every review as a chance to expand your business and learn new things.

Maria Antal

Author: Maria Antal

Digital marketing specialist with over 5 years of industry experience in both English and Romanian. Passionate about social media and illustration. Maria is an enthusiastic and result-driven person with strong research and marketing skills who operates in a proactive manner. She is currently working with FeedCheck in achieving their marketing objectives and establishing an online presence.