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Despite both being forms of search marketing, PPC and SEO are often considered as two separate marketing channels. Total Search eradicates this, uniting PPC and SEO to deliver a more effective search marketing strategy that minimises wasteful spend. Below we cover everything you need to know about Total Search and how Total Media can help you make your search campaigns work harder and better.

What is Total Search?

Total Search is Total Media’s approach to search engine marketing designed to ensure budgets are spent most efficiently. The results are stronger ROI and reduced ad spend, with the process being quick to activate and adjust.

How does Total Search work?

  1. First, we identify the keywords organically ranking in positions 1-3. These are already near the top of the SERPS, so it might not be necessary to allocate spend to them for enhanced visibility.
  2. Next, we cross reference these keywords against current PPC spend. From here, we can draw up a priority list of keywords to target.
  3. PPC spend on these keywords is paused. This can be done in bulk and for multiple markets at once.
  4. From here, we closely monitor performance. Organic rankings need to maintain their top positions in order for Total Search to work. If these positions drop then optimisations will need to be made to see organic rankings improve once again. This all comes while being able to resume spending on paused paid keywords at any time.
  5. The result is a website attracting the same volume of traffic but at a reduced cost. These savings then allow for ad spend to be allocated to other marketing activities.

How can Total Search help your business?

  • Increased efficiency – Total Search presents a more spend efficient approach to acquiring traffic from Google. ​This is perfect for smaller marketing budgets as you are getting the most out of your ad spend.
  • Takes a holistic approach – Often PPC and SEO can work in silo even though they are both forms of search engine marketing. Total Search ensures that paid and organic keywords work together to deliver the same or better results than a separate approach.
  • Maintains the flexibility of PPC – One of the best things about PPC campaigns is that they can be optimised at any time to achieve the best results. Total Search maintains the flexibility of optimising in real time to ensure KPIs are still on track and spend is never wasted or left paused for too long.
  • Frees up ad budget – Removing PPC ad spend from top performing organic keywords frees up budget that can go towards other channels. This can help you to increase spend on channels that are currently performing well to drive overall campaign results, or be allocated to new channels that you have always wanted to test but did not have the budget for.
  • Identifies where organic content is needed – Conducting a detailed review of keyword performance allows you to spot and then address content gaps. You may already be organically ranking for a keyword and only need to boost its position by a few places to meaningfully reduce paid spend. Or it could be a more long-term strategy, whereby a content campaign must be devised and implemented to organically go after the most expensive paid keywords.

Summary: SEO and PPC working together can maximise your search marketing strategy

Adopting a unified approach to search marketing is a powerful tool to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns. The key is understanding what keywords perform well from an organic perspective and what still requires a paid boost. Total Search can help you to identify these keywords and create an effective strategy to make your budgets work harder whilst still delivering results.

For more information, contact our team today and see how we can help you to implement Total Search across your search marketing efforts.

Brad Kilner - Content Director

Author: Brad Kilner - Content Director

Brad is a Content Director on the Organic team. Outside of work, he plays the bass and is a life-long Liverpool fan.