In 1982 our Chairman, Mike Sell, set up Total Media with a mission to shake up a network dominated industry. 37 years on and we are proud to say we are still independent where the way we trade, how we work and the partners we work with means our clients stand out from the crowd and shine.

We asked our Chairman and CEO what being independent means to them on this Independence Day:

“37 years, 5 offices, currently 125 staff but hundreds in our diaspora and a huge amount of fun. Of course there is a real pleasure and pride of going to work in a culture you are part of. Independence allows us to invest in and shape our future; go our own way to mis-quote a song!” Guy Sellers, CEO

“Independence as a core value is key here – particularly in a market where there are not very many of us around.  Independent ownership allows for independent thinking and unfettered advice for our clients.” Mike Sell, Chairman

Happy Independence Day!

Jess Huntrods - Marketing and New Business Assistant

Author: Jess Huntrods - Marketing and New Business Assistant

Jess is a History graduate who has moved into the world of media. She has recently joined the marketing team as a Marketing and New Business assistant.