Elizabeth line

The Elizabeth line has made its long overdue debut – and TFL was likely hoping for an advertiser rush as interest peaks among London commuters. However, OOH spend across the board is still down from pre-pandemic levels.

While that spend is steadily going up, I’m not surprised that the Elizabeth Line isn’t selling out its inventory. Not only are TFL numbers also down since pre-pandemic, the line was much postponed which may have deflated excitement levels among advertisers. More than this, it’s not yet clear how the line will change movement habits, and there’s not yet enough data on footfall and usage behaviours to make a really informed decision. It is however possible to predict that with changing commuting behaviours, we should expect to see advertising laydowns reflect this, with Tuesday to Thursday and extended commuting hours becoming the norm.

We’re seeing an increase in short-term bookings in the OOH market, with digital formats offering increased flexibility, so Crossrail may well see late money coming in. The new stations offer a great environment for advertisers, with highly impactful and premium formats, so I fully expect revenue figures to grow quickly. Advertisers are fully embracing the opportunities offered by DOOH, using it as a connected digital channel to deliver engaging creative and data-led targeting. With its large and innovative digital formats, Crossrail is a great addition to the OOH landscape.

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Liz Duff - Head of Commercial & Operations

Author: Liz Duff - Head of Commercial & Operations