It’s not enough becoming a B Corp certified media agency, we want to ensure our values are ingrained in everything we do – including media planning and buying. That’s why we are always looking for fellow B Corp brands and innovative media solutions to partner with to help achieve our social and environmental goals. WeAre8 are exactly that… 

Who are WeAre8?

You may have heard of WeAre8 through word of mouth, or via their TV advert featuring none other than Rio Ferdinard, but who are they and what do they do?

WeAre8 is a revolutionary, new social platform that aims to make not only social media, but the world a better place. They give the power back to the people by giving users a chance to earn money from watching videos. This money can then be deposited in a paypal account, go towards paying phone bills on the EE network, or be forwarded to a charity. 

However, on top of 50% of ad revenue going back to the people, 5% is invested back into the creator fund, and another 5% is automatically given to charities and carbon offsetting. This provides brands with an opportunity to include carbon offsetting within their media plan. 

Partnering with environmentally conscious media owners like WeAre8 helps to expand our offering to the clients, as well as contribute to our personal business goals of becoming carbon neutral, which we have achieved already this year!

What makes WeAre8 different to other platforms

Sue Fennessy, the founder and CEO of WeAre8, worked closely with behavioural scientists to reimagine digital ad delivery. The aim was to make social media a positive place once again, leaving people feeling joyful when they interact with the social platform. Therefore, positivity is ingrained firmly into the design of the platform via the following features…

  • WeAre8 is a hate-free space – One of the core values of the platform is its zero tolerance policy towards hate speech. It uses artificial intelligence to detect language that does not fit with the ethos of the platform. These users are then removed so that creators can post freely in a safe, positive environment, to help reduce some of the harmful impact social media can have on our mental health.
  • Promotes healthier scrolling habits – We are all guilty of losing ourselves to social media, but WeAre8 wants to help us break the cycle. August will see the launch of The 8stage which encourages users to scroll less and live more by spending 8 minutes a day having a more meaningful scrolling experience.
  • It uses ad revenue for good – The heart of everything WeAre8 aims to do is giving back. Every time someone watches a video they make an automatic carbon offsetting and charity donation . Although these actions may seem small, they build up, leading to a greater, lasting impact.

How does it work?

In simple terms, it’s entertainment with a purpose. Users can enjoy a whole host of content from famous faces including Rio Ferdinand for the footie fans, Claire Baldwin and AJ and Curtis Pritchard (who visited us at the Total Media London office!). 

Alongside consuming this curated content, users are then sent branded ads to watch. All they have to do is watch the ad and answer a few short questions to earn between 6p – 25p per video to put towards their own needs or a charity they value. 

This has an incredible retention rate for advertisers because unlike other platforms it benefits users to not skip the advert. Not only that, it pays them to pay attention as they can provide better quality answers. Brands can then use these responses to gather their own invaluable insights. 

What does it mean for advertisers?  

Brands are now presented with a unique opportunity to get more out of their ad campaigns. Not only can they have a positive social and environmental impact to help achieve their business targets, but they can see some great campaign results. WeAre8 guarantees:

  • Fully completed video views
  • Full screen ads so the user’s attention is completely on you
  • Guaranteed 10% click through rate
  • Meaningful insights with every video view

For more information on WeAre8, as well as other media innovations that can be incorporated into your media plans contact Guillermo Dvorak, Head of Digital, to see how we can help you.


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Sophie Lurcuck - Content Writer

Author: Sophie Lurcuck - Content Writer

Sophie works in the organic team. Outside of her daily content writing duties you can find her watching her favourite reality show or trying out a new restaurant.