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At Total Media, we are constantly looking for ways to improve all aspects of our business relating to the environment and local community. From our award winning ESG commitments, to our carbon neutral ad campaigns, we strive to invest in our people and community.

These values also extend to the clients and partners that we work with. Our recent campaign with Abel & Cole is just one example of the incredible results you can see when a B Corp client works with a B Corp media agency to create a socially and environmentally responsible campaign using a B Corp partner. After all, purpose-driven marketing is the future, and it’s great to see that you can still drive valuable metrics like engagement and brand awareness whilst making a real social impact.

Abel & Cole: ‘All You Need is Less’ Campaign

Our client, Abel & Cole, believe that food has the power to help change the world. They’re on a mission to make shopping sustainably simple by putting people and the planet first.

As part of their ‘All You Need is Less’ campaign , to protect the environment through less plastic, less emissions and lower food miles, Abel & Cole wanted to increase awareness of their Fruit & Veg boxes that are delivered to people’s doors. As a fellow B Corp, Abel & Cole also work behind the scenes with The Felix Project to help support the most vulnerable in the community with every box of organic produce.

The strategy : Powering a socially responsible campaign, with equally responsible media

Shopping more sustainably and reducing their environmental impact was not only the centre of the campaign, but the heart of Abel & Cole’s business. Therefore, it was only fitting that the media activation was also aligned with these ideals.

With this in mind, we wanted to be more creative in this campaign by steering away from typical platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Instead, we tested a new social media platform that aligned to Abel & Cole values, was a fellow B Corp and is a platform for positivity. Meet WeAre8.

WeAre8 is a new social platform that celebrates and champions good in the world. The ground-breaking social app and digital advertising platform has an innovative business model that values people when they watch ads, contributes to climate solutions across the world and supports the charities that mean the most to their 8Citizens and brand partners.

The results: Greater awareness, engagement and social impact

The campaign results were impressive! 16% clicked through to learn more and engage further. This click-through rate was higher than the 10% benchmark that WeAre8 strives for and well above industry averages for video views.

WeAre8’s unique consumer insights tool also generated over 900,000 valuable, qualitative insights. These not only gave Abel&Cole more opportunity to tell their story with every video view, but also enabled them to learn more about the unique audience they were able to reach on WeAre8:

  •  69% of people had not heard of Abel & Cole before watching this ad on WeAre8
  •  73% would consider shopping with Abel & Cole after watching this ad
  •  79% felt very positive towards the brand knowing that there is 77% less plastic in their Fruit & Veg boxes

However, this campaign was not only measured by standard campaign goals, but by its social and environmental impact. WeAre8’s ad delivery model helped people and the planet at a time that it’s needed most. Everyday 400,000 children in London have nothing for dinner. Abel & Cole’s campaign on WeAre8 provided 4,586 meals through The Felix Project. On top of that, over £10,000 was paid into 8Citizen’s wallets and 21 tonnes of CO2 was offset (vs. 0.4 emitted).

Total Media, WeAre8 and Abel & Cole are proud to have come together with the common goal to make the world a better place, by supporting people and the planet every step of the way.

Laura Chase, Chief Commercial Officer at WeAre8: “This campaign with Abel & Cole is a brilliant example of how you can deliver game-changing awareness and engagement, whilst making a real measurable impact. We love working with B Corp partners so the fact this was a campaign with a B Corp agency AND brand is a dream collaboration!”

For more information on how Total Media can work with partners like WeAre8 to create successful, purpose-driven marketing campaigns, contact us today.

Sophie Lurcuck - Content Writer

Author: Sophie Lurcuck - Content Writer

Sophie works in the organic team. Outside of her daily content writing duties you can find her watching her favourite reality show or trying out a new restaurant.