Learning and development

From in-depth training schemes to support workshops, we continuously invest in our people to ensure our staff have the relevant skills and know-how to deliver award-winning work for our clients. Testament to our investment, our training scheme has received many awards including CPD Platinum from the IPA and Gold Standard for the Government-backed Investors in People, as well as many others.

Fun factory

While we take immense pride in our award-winning, top-notch professional development training and support schemes, we also like to ensure we bring the fun too – so we set up a social committee to do exactly that.

From Singstar cocktail nights, to FIFA tournaments, our Fun Factory’s only remit is to ensure maximum enjoyment for everyone.


The world of media can be pretty full on. Sometimes the long hours, constant attention to detail and endless array of media lunches (delicious but not necessarily that nutritious) can leave people feeling a little burnt out and sluggish. At Total Media, we like to ensure our staff always feel energised, balanced and above all – happy.

We have a wellbeing team who work throughout the year on a roster of health-promoting events, including meditation workshops, exercise classes and healthy food sessions.

Agile working

At Total Media, we believe in building a work environment based on trust and integrity. A big part of making this happen is our agile working culture which gives our people control over the way they work.

We believe in providing a work environment in which people can achieve a balance between their work and outside interests, and agile working is an approach to getting work done with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints. It means we truly become focused on what we do and our delivery, rather than on the hours we work.

Current roles