Behavioural planning gets closer to what powers people's decisions

It‘s not about demographics...

Whilst new technology, media and content solutions continue to emerge, none of these are being used to their potential. Instead outdated socio-demographic filters and basic media usage “signals” continue to dominate the planning and buying process.‘s about a mindset!

Through our understanding of consumers; how they think, feel and act, we plan around people’s behaviours to ensure our clients’ media connects their target audience in a way that delivers tangible marketing and business results.

Our experience

What our clients say

"The thing that sets Total Media apart is their upfront planning, research and insight where they truly strive to understand the target audience and suggest a strategy to most effectively engage them."

Mike Dando, Epson - EMEA Advertising and Promotions Manager

"We think of the Total Media team as an extension to our own in-house team. We have formed an increasingly valuable relationship to deliver on-going improvements in results for our business."

Justin Stanton, Fred. Olsen - Marketing Director

"Their attitude of constantly optimising, challenging and looking for opportunities have made us achieve outstanding success in a very competitive category."

Daniel Skold, Kwiff - CMO

"Their expertise around behavioural change has helped shape our overall strategy, as well as driving the thinking behind cleverly planned media campaigns across a range of channels that have been effective commercially and strategically."

Adrian Lawlor, Rustlers - Marketing & Business Development Director

"Total Media has taken a really proactive approach to developing this campaign. Their clever use of state-of-the-art targeting has allowed us to pinpoint specific audiences and reach them efficiently, with minimal wastage, whilst actively prolonging the duration of our campaign."

Jason Manley, Young’s - Marketing Director

"We love Total Media, the team are fabulous and we have been blown away by the TV and Outdoor buying."

Stephen Gregory, Rana - Marketing Director

"Total Media was the first media agency to put behavioural science thinking at it heart, so for fresh, brilliant behavioural insights, Total is a great place."

Richard Shotton, Author of The Choice Factory

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